All organizations need someone to help guide them into the next venture that will ultimately lead to more growth and new discoveries. But there are a variety of ways one can choose to lead. Some are bold and make their own rules. Others are more content with following the status quo.

It’s easy for leaders to find themselves staying with what they know and what they have seen work in the past. Unfortunately, sticking to your comfort zone is only average leadership at best. It’s a bland form of leadership that allows disruptive leaders to get ahead.  

Who are disruptive leaders?

The disruptive leader is one who has a growth mindset and focuses on the positives that come with change. Disruptive leaders are the ones who see the bigger picture and what the end-goals are. They thrive on out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to outside thinking, influences and the possibility of change.

What are some key points to becoming a disruptive leader?

One of the main ways to start becoming a disruptive leader is to allow things to get a little uncomfortable. Here are three major tips for adopting a disruptive mindset:

Increase your skill set

Having advanced skills and various thought processes are valuable assets to both corporations and entrepreneurs alike. Building up your intellectual bank can increase your value and the possibilities of what you can bring to a business. Working with other innovative minds with experience in something you previously had no knowledge of, embrace the strengths and skills of others around you, and, as a result, create more opportunity to influence others and to disrupt current thinking. 

Ask why

Constantly questioning different decisions and approaches can alter your outlook on business opportunities. Asking “why” can remove roadblocks and create clarity for new directions. This particular line of questioning also helps one understand the current state of a certain situation and provide potential ways to improve for the future. Without constant curiosity, there is no room for exploration or growth. 

Expand your disruptive network

The main key to disruption is connecting with other experienced disruptors. By creating these connections allows for new ways of thinking with a difference of opinion, shared insights, and new learnings. Reflecting on those who are in your current network, you can decide where you are falling short in regards to solutions, opportunities, and new innovative techniques. 

Disruptive leadership is more than just thinking about an individual for the future or even just being part of disruption within your organization. 

As we continue into a technology-driven future, leaders have to branch out, learn to collaborate, and embrace change as it comes.