Quantum Alliance FAQ

How is the Quantum Alliance Different from other professional alliances?

The many conferences, communities, and content out there rarely speak to the needs of disruptors. We designed Quantum Alliance specifically to meet disruptors where they are. 

  • Built by disruptors for disruptors. As an early member of Quantum Alliance, you’ll have the ability to help shape its direction and make it work well and hard for you. 
  • Focus on culture and inclusion. It’s not enough to be a disruptor – being a Quantum Alliance member means that you also lift up and support other disruptors. There is zero tolerance for aberrant, egoistic, inconsiderate behavior. And we look for members who will be a culture add and also recruit diverse voices (gender, ethnicity, role, industry, life perspectives) that will help us see ourselves and our situations in a different light.
  • We will never accept sponsorships. Our sole purpose is to give disruptors the freedom to be amongst other disruptors without any underlying motives. The room dynamic changes when sponsors are present. Although they never pitch, you know they are there to sell you. And we can’t develop trust if we think someone will use what we share for commercial gain. As such, Quantum Alliance runs as a self-supporting community because we don’t want to sell our soul to sponsors.

What are the Quantum Alliance Membership Criteria?

The Quantum Alliance consists of top leaders of large enterprises who are dealing with disruption at significant scale and scope. We created a specific offering for these leaders as they face unique challenges given the complexities of their organizations.  

There are so many amazing people in the world who would love to be a part of Quantum Alliance but to maintain the highest level of participation and trust, we work hard to ensure that every member of Alliance will add to our community. We want givers because you get more when you give. In addition, there are some specific criteria:

  • Company size. For our Alliance, we are engaging leaders who are dealing with disruption at significant scale and scope.
  • Scope of responsibility. You are one of the top people in their organizations driving disruptive transformations, change, or growth in their organization. The scope of your impact should be cross-functional and have P&L responsibility even if your formal job responsibilities are within a department. Here are some examples: 
    • CMO tasked with developing a new GTM strategy, including product development
    • VP responsible for digital transformation across the organization
    • CHRO in charge of reconfiguring employee hiring, training, and engagement to be more customer-obsessed.

How much is the membership fee?

The annual enterprise membership is $15,000 per person. Individual membership is $1,500. Individual membership is available only to people who are  in-between disruptive leadership positions.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering flexibility with payments so please reach out if this is needed. 

How do I know if my position qualifies for membership?

We understand that titles mean different things across companies. A VP at one company may be a Director at another but have the same responsibilities. Regardless of what department you work in, members should have cross-functional impact and/or P&L responsibility.  If you’re unsure, please reach out, we’re happy to discuss.