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Being a disruptor is a unique experience but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Quantum Circles is a place to learn from a small group of fellow disruptors who know what it’s like to stand in your shoes—because they are experiencing the same thrills and going through similar challenges. 

It’s like having a personal board of directors or a private brain trust on your side. 

That’s the power of peer learning—it unlocks the knowledge and wisdom that comes from experience and applies the perspective of your peers to address problems and challenges that you currently face. 

Quantum Circles is a safe space to meet with confidentiality, respect, and trust, learning from and supporting one another. We all need a place to put our “messy” on the table and get the honest advice that we need to hear to be successful.

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Develop your disruptive leadership to drive impact and growth

Driving disruptive, exponential growth requires a particular set of skills and mindset, Circles cultivate a safe space for discussing the hurdles and opportunities that come with being a disruptor, from tackling the strategic and cultural challenges of your organization to developing your personal disruptive leadership. This is how Circles works.

Hand-matched group of peers

Circles are groups of 8-10 curious peers carefully evaluated so they are matched with the best group for their needs. Members learn from one another’s experiences in a collaborative, structured setting. To ensure a safe space, Circle members have no personal connections or business conflicts that might inhibit open communication.

Twelve months of supported meetings

Circles meet monthly for a year to explore challenges and share experiences relevant to disruption strategy and leadership. Circles meet monthly for 90 minutes online via a video meeting room designed specifically for peer-learning. The meetings follow a well-established forum model that embodies the Quantum “give and get” philosophy.


To help meetings run efficiently, a new Circle meets twice in the first month for training with a Guide to establish meeting norms, agendas, and processes. Starting the second month, Circle members then run the monthly meetings themselves, following a set agenda.

The power of peer circles

The structure of Circles make it possible to develop the kind of meaningful relationships to allow accomplished leaders to develop trust, open up, and share their most difficult challenges. While Circles start with a discussion of work-related issues, personal development issues become a focus as the group develops a trusting bond. Circle creates a safe, completely confidential environment for discussing the issues important to you.

Our norms

Circles thrive when there is strict adherence to the Norms. Joining a Circle that you:

  • Commit: Attend all meetings for a year, and create a safe and respectful space.

  • Contribute: Bring openness, agency, and action to Circle conversations and processes.

  • Confide: Hold confidentiality in the highest regard—what is said in Circle, stays in Circle. It is shared nowhere with no one.

Ready to disrupt? Apply to become a Quantum member to get matched with a like-minded group of peers, and aim to launch your Circles within a month.  

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