Being a disruptor is a unique experience but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Quantum Circles is a place to learn from a small group of fellow disruptors who know what it’s like to stand in your shoes.

It’s like having a personal board of directors or a private brain trust on your side. 

That’s the power of peer learning—it unlocks the knowledge and wisdom that comes from experience and applies the perspective of your peers to address problems and challenges that you currently face. 

Following a process used by groups like YPO and Harvard Business School, Quantum Circles meet monthly to create a safe online space filled with confidentiality, respect, and trust, learning from and supporting one another. We all need a place to put our “messy” on the table and get the honest advice that we need to hear to be successful. 

Would you like to experience the power of peer learning immediately? Join one of our free Connections: peer-learning sessions held every two weeks on a disruption-related topic. Find the agenda for the upcoming topics here

If you are interested in becoming an integral member of a peer-learning group we are also offering a Quantum Circles Experience. This is a 12-month journey you embark on with a trusted group of 8-9 fellow peers committed to growing and exploring professional and personal challenges with you. Sign-up for more information.

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