Do you consider yourself a disruptor?

Are you constantly looking for new challenges? Do you think of yourself as innovative? Meet others who share the same traits and approach problems like you through Quantum Networks’ community of disruptors.

As a disruptor, you have a never-ending desire to achieve something more and reach new heights.

While it can be rewarding to search for new ways to make progress, it can sometimes be difficult to find others who share your passion. When you face setbacks, when your energy and enthusiasm falters, or when you’re just looking for advice, you need a solid support system of like-minded people. By becoming a member of Quantum Networks, you have access to a variety of groups and personalized discussions to help you navigate the responsibilities of a disruptor.

Quantum Networks is a membership organization for disruptive leaders like you who strive to create exponential change in their organizations, communities, and societies.

Membership benefits

Insight from experts. Spearheaded by Charlene Li, disruptive experts provide you with the best materials, insights, and new practices harness to your unique traits.

Share and learn best practices. We practice a “give and receive” method among members via in-person gatherings and online communities.

Create connections with other disruptors. Extend your reach to new disruptors willing to lend a hand or share different perspectives in our online communities. You can deepen relationships with those in your area with in-person events.

Build a support system. When you are living at the edge of your comfort zone, it’s great to know that someone has your back. From regular small group meetings to digital engagement, we connect you to people who will support you.

Find your community of disruptors. Together, we can drive the change you’ve always dreamed about—and inspire others to do the same.