We are offering a new four-week program to connect and support disruptive leaders to show up strong and focused during these turbulent times.

The idea is to bring together 6-8 disruptive leaders in an online meeting room weekly, over 4 weeks. Meetings will run for 75 minutes, and be held at the same time each week. We call it Connection Circles and it’s a shortened version of the year-long Quantum Circles program that we also run.

As a group, you’ll discuss topics like connection, vulnerability, leadership, and challenges you and your business may be facing during the coronavirus crisis.

You’ll have a Guide with you for Meeting 1, with the view for Meetings 2, 3 and 4 to be lead by different members of the Circle. A peer-learning structure drives the meeting, and the technology supports the conversation. This peer-guiding is an empowering part of a Circles’s journey and provides you the freedom to explore topics that are most relevant to your group.


By joining a Circle, you and your group are committing to the norms that make peer learning possible:

  • Commit. Attend each of the program’s 4 x 75-minute meetings, without multitasking.
  • Contribute. Dig deep to your real self, challenges, and experiences, and strive to get good at coaching your peers.
  • Confide. Agree to confidentiality to help make this a safe space: what happens in the circle, stays in the circle.

Want to learn more or ready to sign up? Fill out this form and share your preferred Connection Circle meeting times. We’ll start forming the Connection Circles as soon as possible to get you the support and connection you need. If you’d like to learn more, please email us at circles@quantam.flywheelsites.com.