The one thing that I’ve found disruptive organizations doing really well, with intention and focus, is that they define and chase after their future customers. Because that’s the only thing that will align the organization to make the tough choices and investments TODAY for opportunities that exist in the FUTURE


But how do you know that you’re chasing the right future customers versus the wrong ones?


This is the issue — you don’t ever really know for sure if they are the right customers until they become your current customers. That’s why lots of research, lots of options, lots of experience doing it right AND wrong gives you the CONFIDENCE to chase after future customers. 

You know that if you do it repeatedly, you’ll eventually get it right.

What I often see is that leaders want to know that they are RIGHT before they will pull the trigger and jump into the future. But by the time you are super sure you are right, the time has passed. You’re so much better off developing a few scenarios, having great execution options, and heading off in a direction that you think is right — but aren’t completely sure that it is. The ONLY way you’ll find out is to go out and explore.

“To stand still is to regress.” – Edward Brooke