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Are you a disruptor?

You’re determined to challenge the status quo and want to make real, powerful change.

But you’re looking for your comrades-in-arms.

Welcome to Quantum Networks: A global community for disruptors just like you.

As a disruptor, you’re invigorated by a challenge, and are ready to tackle the obstacles that you know you will face.

But your journey can also be a lonely one, where you feel as if you are carrying all of the burden of transformation on your shoulders. For those times when you face setbacks, when your energy and enthusiasm falters, or when you need crucial advice, you’ll need to find the people you can count on to support on your audacious plans and spur you on your personal disruptive transformation journey.

Introducing Quantum Networks, a membership organization for disruptive leaders like you who strive to create exponential change in their organizations, communities, and societies.

 As a leader in disruptive transformation, you know you can’t do it alone. The groundbreaking change you envision requires a coalition of people—a movement— working together to help you achieve your bold and brilliant purpose. With membership in Quantum Networks, you will find like-minded, fearless leaders who set out to transform the world— together. 

The power of Quantum Networks is fueled by its members. Like quantum computing, each additional node in the network creates exponential power.

The value of Quantum Networks comes from:

Learning from experts. Spearheaded by Charlene Li, experts formally provide content, insights, and best practices while also informally engaging with members.

Sharing best practices. We facilitate the “give” and the “get” among members via in-person gatherings and online communities.

Making one-to-one connections with other disruptors. Find and reach out to people willing to help lend a hand or share a perspective in our online communities. Deepen relationships with in-person events, especially with disruptors near you.

Supporting each other. When you are living at the edge of your comfort zone, it’s great to know that someone has your back. From regular small group meeting to digital engagement, we connect you to people who will support you.

Find your community of disruptors. Together, we can drive the change you’ve always dreamed about—and inspire others to do the same.

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